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Everyone loves to see how people react...


Reaction Cam allows you to see your friends and family’s INITIAL reaction to:


THAT photo

THAT video

THAT website

THAT Donald Trump tweet

THAT music video

THAT radio announcement

THAT advert

THAT reality TV result moment

THAT online quiz

THAT news story.... etc etc!!!!

About ReactionCam

Reaction Cam allows you to film you or your friends and family response to watching various media on your smart phone; be it a friend’s wedding snaps or the internet video everyone’s talking about; simply by sending them a link that they then copy into the apps browser! Pictures and videos can be reacted too via the camera roll also - e.g when viewing downloaded content.


Your reaction video can then be shared by social media or any other way you choose. Reaction cam also allows you to film yourself and your comments IN-BROWSER.


So don’t just watch it…. ‘REACTION CAM’ it!! ... It's like GOGGLEBOX / VOGGLEBOX for your smart phone!